The Corsair ChamberTrack applications hold vaste amounts of data. This data is only of use to you if you can obtain information from this data in the form of reports. Each module in the system has a number of reports
specific to it. These reports provide such information as lists of members, lists of events and delegates, number and value of export certifications processed during a period, list of members due to renew during a specific period, list of members whose subscription is overdue, lists of outstanding invoices sorted by client etc.
There is a general reporting tool which allows you to build up reports by selecting criteria. E.g all companies,with more that 10 employees, located in Liverpool, who work in computing, are interested in networking and export to Europe.
Using the selected list you may analyse this group’s take-up of your products and services. e.g which of these companies have attended an event in the last 6 months? Which have not attended ANY events in the last 12 months? Which companies have your sales team NOT spoken to in the last 6 months?
The data set to be output for each report is able to be selected by the user, in addition to the criteria used to generate the data.  These personalised reports are then able to be saved for future used. They may also be scheduled for say monthly, weekly or annual producation.