Online Marketing Module


Corsair have partnered with ATTAIN a leading online marketing provider to include in ChamberTrack an integrated online marketing facility giving you the ability to run marketing campaigns using the company and contact name data you have entered on ChamberTrack. Company and contact name records will be updated as usual in ChamberTrack.


You will have the facility to setup your own email templates for each campaign or adopt one of a number of templates available online to meet your needs.

You may if you wish have a template designed for you for a small fee. This template may then be amended by yourselves for specific campaigns.


Synchronised Data
Each night details of all active companies and contact names will be uploaded to the online marketing site. The new data will be compared with the existing data on the site.
Any new or changed companies or contact names will be added/amended. Any companies or contact names which were previously on the online marketing site but no longer appear in the updated files will be marked as terminated. This will ensure that only up to date records are used for online marketing.
You may set up a campaign and schedule it for sending.


Target the audience and analyse results

You can create your target audience by filtering on the various fields on the online database.
Once the campaign is launched you will be able to see online a full analysis of the results showing such things as numbers of emails opened or bounced etc. You will also be able to view a graph of the date and time when emails were opened.
Information from this data will be sent back to ChamberTrack and recorded in each company’s Contact History.
Ultra Targeted Campaigns
In addition to being able to select your target audience by filtering the online data you will also be able to use the Database Extraction module to give more specific targeting of your marketing audience and be able to send that target list straight to the online site as a campaign.

This campaign can then have a specific email template assigned to it and can be scheduled for sending.
This allows you to target very specific groups of companies. For example you may wish to target all those companies who have not used any Chamber services in the past three months, all those companies who are exporters but have not used your Certification service or those companies who have used a particular Chamber of Commerce Service such as Legal Help Line but have not attended any networking events.
All the same statistics and contact histories will be produced for these campaigns as are produced for the Main Campaigns.